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By Alina Young

3 tips on how to market yourself

Knowing how to market yourself can be useful, whether you are trying to find a new job, build up a new business, or even if you just want to expand your network in your current career. Making yourself stand out in a crowd can be tough, especially in a competitive online market.

Know your audience

The first question that you need to answer before expanding your market is simple but important: what is your end goal? Who out there are you trying to reach? Are you a writer, photographer, or a young professional trying to get your first job? It's important for you to know who you are before you begin to build your brand.

Have the right tools

Three tools that will be key to developing your career are an up-to-date resume, a professional website and a business card. A resume is a good way for people to see who you are and what you have to offer boiled down in a succinct form. There are several templates available, either online or in programs such as Microsoft Word, to get you started. A resume should be one page and should include your past work experience, education, and any other skills that you would like to highlight.

A professional website is another way to show off your skills. This will be especially useful if you are attempting to build a brand in a creative field such as photography or art. This way people can browse through your past work and see for themselves what you have to offer them as well as what you can offer other people. You should also be sure to list a little background about yourself and contact information so that people can get in touch with you. It's easy to build a website from scratch with programs such as BlogSpot and WordPress.

A business card might seem somewhat archaic in an age of increasing online connections, but you never know who you might meet who will want to get in touch with you. You can design your own business cards through several websites online. Make them eye-catching to make yourself stand out, and always be sure to have a few tucked away in your wallet!

Use social media to your advantage

Once you've figured out your target audience and have the basic tools lined up, the next step is to hit up social media. Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are all great ways to make connections and further your network in your field. Don't be afraid to follow other people in your area of expertise and comment on their pages so that they know you're out there. Be sure to link all your social media accounts to your personal website, too, so that people can find out more about you.

These tips will help you along on your journey of marketing yourself and building your own personal brand. Putting yourself out there can be scary, but you will be glad you took the plunge!

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