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By Patrick Smith

3 Ambitious Rising LGBT Indie Artists

In the wake of the bombshell accusations of sexual misconduct, indie-rockers PWR BTTM have since been dropped from their management company, lost touring members, and had their music pulled from streaming sources. These allegations have left many fans feeling as if they have misplaced their admiration in what was once among the most inspirational artists of the LGBT indie community. Here are three up-and-coming LGBT artists whose music acts as a voice of comfort for those who may have lost an idol:


Self described as “Nihilist Queer Revolt Music”, this project out of New York City is truly pushing the boundaries of noise rock. Dreamcrusher accomplishes this by blending influences of industrial, drone, electronic, and post-rock into one mesh of rhythmic chaos. Their sound is accompanied by various different auxiliary-noises, which may or may not be akin to a chainsaw being cut in half by another chainsaw.

Though many people may find this sound revolting, uncomfortable, or just plain disturbing, there is a high degree of angst, anger, and frustration that comes to the surface. Dreamcrusher has four LPs under their belt, and a strong presence on Bandcamp. Their loud and powerful wall of noise acts as a creative outlet for fans and artists alike. Visit their Bandcamp page to explore this sound and show support:


Punk-rock band Priests is serving up good, old-fashioned activist punk in a city in desperate need of change; Washington DC. One may mistake their sound for a band straight out of the 1980s punk scene, complete with wailing vocals, punchy drums, and catchy hooks. However, there is also a more melodic sound present, not too far from resembling The Cure or Joy Division.

Priest’s lyrics provide an introspective look into a plethora of different issues, including the state of US politics, LGBT struggles, and self-reflection, in a time where political activism is more important than ever. They are rising to stardom and prominence in the indie-community by putting a modern spin on a familiar sound, and they have released three full length records. By combining the sounds of punk-rock, post-punk, new wave, and spoken word, the music packs a loud punch with overflowing emotion and passion. Support Priests by visiting their Bandcamp page:

Wet Nurse

If you miss the sound of late 90s/early 00s pop-punk, look no further than Orlando garage rockers Wet Nurse. This project brings back memories of simpler times, with strong influences from The Get Up Kids, Go Betty Go, and perhaps a little Blink-182. The band is certainly no stranger to a mosh pit. Their fast-paced arrangements put jangly guitar riffs, captivating harmonies, and catchy melodies to great use.

The lyric-crafting on this project is very introspective with a touch of teenage angst. Upon hearing both of their full-length albums, one may feel like climbing out their window to sneak out for a night on the town, picking up a skateboard, or just sitting in silence. Wet Nurse can be described as nostalgic due to an influx of memories of summer that shine through. Each song is relatable, with LGBT issues often making their way to the forefront. Support Wet Nurse by checking in on their Bandcamp page:

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