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By seda sen

10 things you can do free in London

London is a great city, but an expensive one. But do not worry! There are still many free things to see and do.

1. The National Portrait Gallery

Start off in the heart of London, in Trafalgar Square, at the National Portrait Gallery. The National Gallery has one of the best collections of European art in the world. Plus, it is walking distance from London landmarks, like The Mall and Buckingham Palace.

2. The Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum is one of the foremost museums of design. The V & A includes various art forms from around the world, from sculptures to fashion, ceramics to jewelry, from the middle-ages to the modern era.

3. The Science Museum

If you prefer the sciences to the arts, head down Museum Lane to the Science Museum. There, you will find seven stories of hands-on exhibitions that take you from the Industrial Revolution to the Space Age.

4. Tate Modern

On the banks of the River Thames, you cannot miss the Tate Modern. A superb collection of Modern Art housed in a former power station, the Tate Modern including works from Dali, Picasso, Rothko and more.

5. British Museum

Another free option is the British Museum. It is a dream for anybody interested in ancient civilizations. It is home to the Rosetta Stone and other priceless treasures of Antiquity. The best of the world under one roof.

6. Gasworks Gallery

Don't just stick to the mega-museums. Seek out smaller galleries, starting with Gasworks with hosts rotating residencies for international artists who often open up their studio to the public.

7. Stolen Space

On Brick Lane, drop into Stolen Space, an urban art gallery founded by London zone street artist D*Face.

8. Parks

Spend the rest of your afternoon lounging in one of London's many parks. The Inner Circle at Regent's Park is one of the great free open spaces in the city perfect for a picnic, reading a book or just chilling out.

9. River Thames

At some point, you have to spend some time looking over the Thames. Forget the London Eye; it is overpriced. Enjoy the view from the comfort of a pub like the Mayflower. The pints are not free, but it is worth the price. What is great about the river is you can leave the busy hubbub of the town and come down the pier and you get to the tranquility of the River Thames.

It is great to see people smiling, looking at the places of interest, the architecture, the history and it is really rewarding when they leave the boat and tell you how much they have enjoyed. What's great about the boats nowadays is that they stop a variety of locations and you can hop on-hop off at different locations throughout your journey. And it is also connected with navy and fishing.

10. Venn Street Records

When night falls, do not get caught paying for cover in some fancy London club. Head to a place like Venn Street Records a chilled music bar, with good vibes, affordable drinks and live music seven nights a week.

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