Website development for beginners


A great website is essential in today’s marketplace. At the birth of the Internet, almost no one had a webpage for their business, but now almost all successful companies and individuals providing services have one. The task of creating a webpage can feel like a burden. With some tutorials and resources, it shouldn’t be so bad, though. So, what do you need to do to get started with your own?


Web Monkey provides tutorials on all things website related. They break down HTML coding for the simplest of tasks to those that are more complex. One tutorial listed under API shows how to get your business found on local Google searches. There’s also a section that gives details about how to be a better blogger.

Blogging is a very useful tool. Additionally, blogs can be hosted for free on many sites such as WordPress and Blogger. A good tutorial for WordPress is found at This website has over 200 tutorials for building and maintaining a successful WordPress site. Also on WordPress, you can choose to create your own domain for a fee of $99 to $299 per year.

A really good website to use for looking up tutorials about building your own website is YouTube. You can be as specific or as broad as you want with your search.


On tutorialzine, you can find fifty development resources for your website. This includes websites like Blokk Font, where you can mock up the text for your website, and Free Pik, where you can find all sorts of graphics for your website. It also showcases Google Fonts. This is Google’s font library, with “web-friendly” fonts.

Mashable has compiled a list of resources for website development as well. The website is showcased as a helpful reference for website development. A List Apart leans more toward the design and aesthetic of your webpage. Other websites that provide various tools and materials to help you on your way are also listed.

One of the best and most well known technology related publishers is O’Reilly Media. On their website, a vast number of resources can be found for website development. One of their own books, Identity and Data Security for Website Development, can be purchased (along with many other books on website development) from their shop.

The SDR website gives a list of fifteen website development resources. Coolors is a fast and easy assistant to get color schemes for your website. This can be helpful in creating a good aesthetic. Also, for aesthetic, Font Pair helps you pick what fonts go well together. Typosaurus is a resource that will spell check your website for you. There are various other resources listed that are very helpful.


In the age of the Internet, it’s virtually impossible to escape the need for a website. Creating a visually appealing site is a must, as well as providing substantial content. Starting a new website is the beginning of a process that will only generate more business. Website design can seem like an overwhelming task, especially for a beginner; however, with a tutorial to guide you and some resources up your sleeve, creating your own website shouldn’t be too painful.


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