Ways to create new family reunion traditions


Your family reunion has always been something special, but in recent years some relatives have complained that they are tired of the same activities. As the main planner for the family reunion, you are responsible for keeping everyone pleased at the event, and now you are not sure which new activities might become new traditions. Start by getting input from relatives and then make note of their recommendations.

Grandparent/grandchildren cooking contest

This is a fun way for grandparents to have fun with the older grandchildren during a family reunion. The grandparents will whip up their long-treasured recipes while the grandchildren will have to cook updated versions of their grandparents' recipes. The prize will go to either the grandparent or grandchild who makes the best recipe in certain categories of dishes.

Annual trip to hometown of family matriarch or patriarch

A matriarch or patriarch's hometown can shape the person's culture and outlook on life, so for future family reunions, the entire family can spend one or two days in the matriarch or patriarch's hometown. For example, if your great-grandmother is still alive and grew up in Houston, you can visit her favorite teenage hangouts there, if those places still exist.

Marital advice sessions from seasoned couples in the family

If there are several married couples in the family that you admire, you can start a new tradition of having these couples meet with engaged or courting couples in the family for a weekend premarital retreat. The seasoned couples will discuss all aspects of marriage such as sex, finances, faith's role in marriage, childrearing, finances, and conflict resolution.

A day of flea market or thrift store shopping

You don't always have to hit the big malls in order to enjoy a shopping trip with family. Another idea for a family reunion tradition is to spend the entire day visiting different flea markets and thrift stores. This teaches you how to shop wisely, and it's fun because you can find items that you would not buy at regular stores.

Saturday morning basketball game and men's brunch

Another tradition idea would be to give the men in your family some much-needed bonding time. Set aside the Saturday morning of the weekend reunion as a time when the men will gather for a few rounds of basketball or other games they might like. After the games end, you can prepare a hearty brunch for the men in your family.

Look over each other's yearbooks and discuss memories

If the family reunion usually happens in May or June, it is likely that you have young relatives who are graduating from high school or college. You can create a new tradition of having the graduates come to your home where they can look at each other's yearbooks as well as older relatives' yearbooks. Share high school and college memories and give meaningful advice to the graduates.

These meaningful traditions are designed to bring the family closer together and to have fun too.


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