Want to stay in fashion this summer? Find out about the best go-to summer dresses


Are you ready for the summer season? If you aren't, it's time to start getting it together. So, if you are getting ready to make a summer fashion wardrobe update, you need to know what is in style for summer this season, and better yet, what might stay in style for next season. It's always more cost-effective to buy clothes that are not only the current trend but tend to stay near the top of the lists for celebrity fashion. So, if you're wondering about how you might approach the best summer dresses this season, you've come to the right place.

What summer dress trends are currently in fashion, and tend to stay in fashion? Please keep reading and you'll get hints on the hottest fads which are more certain to stick so that you can hopefully reuse your dresses next year as well.

Solid or dual patterned slip dresses

Slip dresses continue to remain in fashion and are very hot this summer season. Two celebrities who seem to keep this trend going every summer are Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. Both are well known not only for their relationships with Brad Pitt but for their willingness to appear in slinky spaghetti strapped dresses. Both of these celebrities tend to wear solid patterns, although we do occasionally see them wearing two-colored patterns as long as they are simple. While Aniston is known to wear earth tones, Jolie often stays with her signature black, purple, or black and white. You can have fun with colors, and feel free to pick out patterns as long as you keep it within the two color range.

Feminine floral

Floral patterns are in this summer, but you have to be careful with this fashion and not overdo the pattern you wear. You want to keep it within three colors in the floral pattern, or the dress may simply be too overwhelmingly colorful to be considered feminine. Nicole Kidman is a fan of this style, and she does it justice by usually keeping with a white dress that has a two-colored floral patterned mixed in with the white. This fashion, if done right and kept to the color restrictions, is adorably feminine.

Boho long dresses

If you prefer to wear your dresses longer, go for the boho look. Nicole Richie is a master at this, and while she keeps mostly to earth tones, it does not mean you have to. You are safest with this look using a single or dual colored dress. Since the boho look is meant to be plain and dolled up with accessories, do not pick loud colors or overdone patterns. The boho look is meant to be both simple and womanly. However, you can always add to it by accessorizing with long beads, belts or ribbons around the waist, and other additions.

So with these tips on the best summer dresses, you should be able to keep it fun and fresh this summer, but best of all, these trends seem to stay on top of the celebrity fashion list. So you can have a little fun updating your wardrobe this year, and probably use these summer dress trends for the next few years to come. Happy shopping!


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