The importance of professional headshots


Professional headshots are a key factor when emerging into the business and corporate industry. Social connections are based on profile pictures, so why would a person seeking employment not invest in the best profile picture possible? Clients and corporations are seeking the next face for their brand and company.

What are the benefits of professional headshots?

Visual images are seen all over: print, internet television, etc. A professional headshot is represented as the face of a business. It allows a client to see a visual stimulus that represents what the business or applicant is all about. In a way, a headshot is a first impression without even meeting in person. An excellent professional headshot subliminally interprets as responsible, qualified, social and personable.

How does Visual Branding work?

When a client sifts through numerous applications, it is possible that the content is lackluster, uneventful and ultimately discarded. There is no personality beaming through the application, there is no face to the application. But what if there was a personality, or a beaming smile attached to the cover? This small addition can add extreme potential for a client to connect and relate to the potential applicant.

Where can headshots be used?

Many people assume only actors and models need headshots. But now with the advancement of social media we have connected platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to business advertisements. LinkedIn is another great example of how a professional headshot can make or break a profile. Clients are searching for the best fit by sifting through profile pictures. Who looks the most amiable and qualified? Who looks the most fitting for the part? Headshots are the key to the modern business industry.

How to achieve a great headshot

If a client were to see a headshot that was composed poorly such as bad lighting, too much makeup, casual clothing or a dull expression, perhaps the client would pass up the applicant's profile. Here are a few tips to help achieve the perfect headshot:

  • Choose the right photographer! Make sure to be completely comfortable with the photographer. Any tense emotions will show in the photos.
  • Do not go overboard with touch ups. A client would rather see genuine personality in the photo vs. an overly done portrait.
  • Keep the attire and background simple. There should be no distractions with attire or objects. Focus should be solely on the subject.
  • Have fun! Not every business profile picture needs to be serious! Smile!
  • Lighting is key! A dark photo does not catch as much attention as a well lit photo. Make sure the light brings out your eyes!
  • Keep your professional headshot updated. We tend to change year after year. Do not let a outdated headshot prevent a potential client connection.

Headshots are evolving as a one of the biggest factors of applicant selection in the business and corporate industry. In today's visual world, clients are looking for the face of their business or product. The perfect headshot can bring in a wealth of opportunities and connections.


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