The five top-grossing movies of all time


According to, the following are the top five highest-grossing movies of all time, with adjustments made for inflation.

5. Titanic: $1,178,627,900

Even after a rather soft opening weekend, over time critics and moviegoers alike saw the genuine gem that was this movie. Titanic is a classic story of a forbidden love transcending class, set to the backdrop of one of the world's most shocking disasters. The seamless way director James Cameron tied together fiction and nonfiction is just one of the reasons this spectacle of a production became so popular. The casting put Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in the leading roles; they could not have been a more perfect pair. Their chemistry was palpable and memorable, and even to this day the two actors remain very good friends. Cameron's meticulous production climaxed with an extraordinary depiction of the actual sinking of the ship, with special effects that were hardly noticeable.

4. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: $1,234,132,700

With so many cultural references, this is arguably the best family film ever released. An alien that is discovered and then beloved by a young boy, Elliot, may seem like a strange plotline for children (especially in 1982, when the film was released), but Steven Spielberg in his great genius pulled it off, leaving us with a funny and heartwarming story about love and loss. Aside from the special effects, which of course played a major part in its popularity, Elliot and ET's friendship is still relatable and touching to audiences, even after all these years since its release.

3. The Sound of Music: $1,239,013,800

Despite horrendous reviews as being an unrealistically sweet movie, the Sound of Music went straight to the top of the charts. It was exactly what moviegoers wanted to watch, and over the years it has become their favorite movie to sing to as well. Ironically, the script was not well received by the stars, Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, or by director Robert Wise. Despite the harsh critiques, somehow its popularity has yet to cease, even after 50 years since its release.

2. Star Wars: $1,549,640,500

George Lucas' genius manifested itself in this epic sci-fi classic. Giving birth to an entirely new kind of fan base, the resounding themes of the film resonate even now, amidst the sequels and shows it began. There were many new things to admire with the movie's release, from the captivating opening sequence, to the costumes, to the intricate story line.

1. Gone with the Wind: $1,757,788,200

With a running time of almost four hours, "Gone with the Wind" takes its place as the highest grossing movie of all time. The effort put into making this classic love story was, without doubt, a grueling and strenuous process. The production design was composed mainly of paintings that were drawn by hand. The beloved main characters were played by Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, whose careers were defined by their participation in this movie.


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