Spring clean your home within a month


Spring cleaning is one of those household tasks that many families are not always excited about. But with the right tools and an organized plan, you can get your home looking fabulous within a month. Delegate rooms to each family member so that the tasks can be completed quicker. To ease the boredom of the cleaning process, put on some upbeat music and provide snacks for everyone.

Spend a week on straightening up the kitchen

Start by removing the unnecessary clutter from your kitchen. Then sort out the tools and books that you will keep and the ones you will donate, sell or throw out. Any old spices that are expired should be taken out the cabinet because this frees up space you could use for new items. Replace the old pantry items with ones that you know you will use on a regular basis. Then clean the refrigerator. Remove refrigerator shelves and scrub them with bleach and dishwashing liquid. Scrub the inside of the refrigerator and dry with a towel. Wash out the refrigerator storage bins and dry them. Also declutter the freezer and wash thoroughly. Clean the inside of your oven with oven cleaner.

Living room

Remove area rugs and furniture from living room and sweep and mop the floor. You can also apply wax to the floor for a polished look. Wipe dust from ceiling fan and windows in the living room and wash the windows. Organize shelves and bookcases as needed and deep clean your rugs or large carpet. Wipe dust from furniture and vacuum your sofa and chairs.


Wipe down the bathroom walls and vacuum the floors as well as the corners of the room. Wash the area rugs, shower curtain and shower liner. Sweep and mop the bathroom floor, and scrub the inside and outside of the toilet. Put cleanser, warm water and all purpose cleaner in the tub and scrub thoroughly. Wash the bathroom mirror and clean the inside of the cabinet. Clean the toilet knob, toilet tissue holder and the vase in the bathroom.


Put all dirty bedsheets, pilowcases and comforters in the washing machine. Declutter the bedroom by throwing out all books and magazines you no longer need. Dust your bedroom furniture and mop or sweep the floor. Wash curtains and blinds if necessary, and dust your ceiling fan. Clean vases and lamp bases.


Get some large cardboard boxes, storage bins, markers and tape. Then sort through the items and label them in categories of "throw out," "keep" and "sell." Then you are going to categorize the items that you will keep and place them in the storage bins. The remaining items can be sold or donated. Place the items you will use the most to the bottom and middle shelves in the garage for easy access. Sweep and mop the garage floor and dust the shelves and other garage furniture.

Spring cleaning makes your home more functional and your home will look beautiful. Keep the home clean by creating a weekly cleaning checklist for everyone to follow, and assign a chore to each person.


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