Quality family time and family fun!


Spending time together as a whole family makes for a happier family! This is really important in your children's younger years of life and is also important as they are getting older. Here is a list of ideas for family fun!

1. Outdoor activities

There are so many outdoor options. Disc golf is a great choice. It provides quality family time, and the only thing you need to buy are your discs; the rest is free! There are usually plenty of parks or colleges that allow you to play for free. My children are still between the ages of 1 and 2, so we bring our wagon and let them get out every now and again and let them throw a disc. They enjoy the wagon walk. This is a great option for all ages. Even if they cannot play, you can stroll them as long as the course you are at does not have many hills.

2. Vacations

This was my absolute favorite when I was younger and is still one of my favorites! I loved being on a long car ride to one of my favorite places. We would usually go to Florida to our beach house once a year for a week or two, and I was always ecstatic about the whole ordeal. There are loads of places for vacations that are good for the whole family. Beaches, amusement parks, the mountains, etc.

3. Disney World

This kind of goes along with vacations, but I think it deserves its own title. Disney World is still one of my favorite places. Now that I have kids, I am even more excited about this place. It is an amazing place for children. From rides, to seeing their favorite Disney characters, to plays, and the night time fireworks – everything about this place is amazing – besides, of course, the price and the lines. The speed passes are definitely the best option for Disney if you can afford them.

4. Game night

Family game night is always fun! Pick a night out of the week and pick out a couple of your favorite games and play. Some of my personal favorites include Cranium (they have a kid version), Phase 10, Monopoly, Sorry!, Yahtzee and card games such as the matching game and go fish.

5. Movie night

Whether you go to theaters or stay home, movie night is always enjoyable. If you stay home for movie night, you can get a few snacks together or even make your own and all sit together for your movie. We use Netflix. Redbox is a good option also, because they have movies that were recently in theaters.

6. The lake

Wear your swim gear and enjoy some lake time. Lakes usually have grills, so you can even bring some food and grill out while enjoying your time around the lake. One year, for my dad's birthday, we went to the lake and brought croquet with us. It was a lot of fun.

Overall, there are tons of family fun ideas – these are just a few. Plan something out and have fun and enjoy your quality time together as a family!


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