Qualities men look for the most in a future wife


If you are single and hope to marry one day, you might wonder what exactly do men look for in a future wife. Men generally want a woman who is spiritually and emotionally whole so that he will not be someone who alone is responsible for meeting all of the woman's needs. Men also look for women who are pleasant to be at home with. Most men hate it when their partners constantly nag or bombard them with so many problems as soon as they walk in the house.

The man wants a trustworthy woman

Most men look for a woman who is trustworthy and who they can rely on for a lifetime. Men like women who will not share all of the men's most intimate secrets with strangers or even relatives. A man looks for a woman who will remain faithful to him and who will be the emotional and spiritual support he needs.

Someone who values family and faith

Men want a wife who values and desires a family one day. And for the religious man, he wants to marry someone who has the same religious beliefs as himself. For the man who wants children, he will probably seek out someone who shares the same parenting philosophy. If the man believes in strict discipline and occasional corporal punishment for children, he might have a hard time relating to a woman who prefers permissive parenting.

Homemaking skills

While men appreciate a beautiful woman, when they choose a wife they want someone who can offer good homemaking skills. These might include the ability to cook, keep the home neat and organized, fix minor things, manage bills well and know how to look after children properly. He may not be picky about the future wife having all of these skills at once, but she should possess some of them.

Sexually confident

Men also look for a future wife who is sexually confident. She does not go overboard with showing off her physical features but she knows that her body is attractive and that she has the ability to please him in a sexually satisfying way. Even if the woman has never been sexually active, she is willing to learn all she can about how to do well sexually.

She can hold interesting conversations

Other men might seek out a future wife who can discuss more than small talk topics. He wants to marry someone who has knowledge of a variety of issues and who can give an informed opinion about them. For example, a certain man might want to be with a woman who can discuss politics and culture well.

Physical attractiveness

Men also look for a wife who takes care of herself physically. She does not have to look like a celebrity but she should dress well and maintain good grooming habits. Even if the woman looks plain by society's standards, she would still look beautiful to him if she has a nice outfit and some makeup that brings out her best features.

These are not the only qualities men seek in a future wife, but these are good benchmarks if you want to work on becoming a better person to attract the right man for you.


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