Plan a debt-free wedding


The wedding is a celebration of a marriage that will last a lifetime, and you do not need to go into debt in order to have a great wedding. With creativity, budgeting and help from loved ones, it is possible to have a debt-free wedding.

Determine your most important expenses and trim the excess

One thing you and your fiance should do is determine your most important expenses and cut out anything that is unnecessary. You might decide to splurge on your wedding dress but not spend a fortune on the wedding cake. Or you can ditch the honeymoon and stay at a local hotel while checking out activities in your hometown. This keeps the wedding budget simple.

Choose an inexpensive venue for the reception

Although you might have the wedding at a church, you can save money by choosing an inexpensive place to have the reception. If you are booking a restaurant or community center, you do not want to book the reception on a Saturday, because it can get expensive. Choose a weekday or Sunday. Other inexpensive venues include your parents' yard, a public park or a friend's home.

Hire a college student to take pictures

You can ask loved ones if they know college students who are skilled in taking photos. Contact them and ask about their photography experience. Arrange to meet with them and have them show you any wedding photos they took recently. Choose the best photographer and negotiate the terms of payment in writing.

Style your own hair for the wedding

If you know how to do basic hairstyles, you can do your own hair for the wedding. Some good wedding hairstyles include the braided bun, chignon bun, elegant messy bun, big curls or beach waves if it is a summer wedding. This saves money on a visit to the hairdresser. You can also style the bridesmaids' hair.

Have loved ones cook the food

Gather the best cooks in the family and ask them to contribute their favorite dishes for the wedding. Also assist them during the meal preparation as a way of thanking them for their contributions. You can also give them monetary compensation. This saves money on catering expenses.

Save up for the ring months before the wedding

Instead of going into debt to purchase wedding rings, save up for them for a few months before the wedding. By doing this you will not have to take out loans or use a credit card to get the rings.

Trim the guest list

Only invite very close relatives, friends and acquaintances, and send out invitations as soon as you get engaged. Request quick responses from potential guests, because it ensures that you are not spending more than necessary on the wedding.

Planning your dream wedding does not have to break your wallet. By having a debt-free wedding, you can focus on financially preparing for a family in the future and other long-term goals.


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