Nutrition myths that you should get rid of for good


When growing up our parents, friends and the media have told us all kinds of things regarding nutrition but what if some of the supposed nutrition facts turned out to be myths? We should be careful not to believe everything we hear or read about nutrition because false beliefs about it could be detrimental to your health.

You get fat when eating late at night

The truth is that you can get fat by consuming excess calories at any time of the day. The key is to eat a reasonable amount of calories each day and by burning off those calories on a consistent basis through exercise. You can eat a big unhealthy lunch and still be at risk of gaining too much weight.

Fish is the primary way to get omega 3 fatty acids

For so long we have been taught that eating fish is one of the best ways to get our intake of omega 3 fatty acids and while fish is a good source of it, we should consider other sources. You can eat walnuts, foods cooked in canola oil, flaxseed and boiled soybeans. Omega 3 supplements are also helpful.

Carbs are an enemy of weight loss

Another common myth is that carbs cause excess weight gain. The truth is that our body needs carbohydrates in order to produce the energy we need. In addition, you can eat complex carbs such as whole grain breads since they are considered the healthier carbs. Refined carbs such as white bread and white rice should be consumed in moderation.

Red meat is not healthy

This is not true and in fact if you eat the leaner cuts of red meat, your health improves. Red meats are an excellent source of protein and as long as you eat them in moderation, it should not be a problem for your health.

Loss of appetite in seniors is normal

Due to aging and a decreased metabolic rate, it is possible for seniors to lose their appetite at times. However, when some seniors exhibit a prolonged appetite loss, it might be a sign of a serious health problem. If your loved one is in this situation, have him visit the doctor for a checkup.

Diabetes nutrition myths

Some people mistakenly believe that mainly sugar consumption causes diabetes but there are other factors such as genetics, high blood pressure and obesity. Another myth about diabetes is that wine is off limits for diabetics. In fact it is fine for them to have alcohol in moderation. Others feel that fruits are not good for diabetics due to the sugars in them but as long as you monitor your sugar levels during the day, it is fine to eat fruits. Keep in mind that some fruits contain higher sugar levels than others. These include figs, mangoes and cherries.

We need good nutrition in order for our bodies to operate properly but let us also be careful that what we learn about nutrition is true and not false.


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