Job titles that stay-at-home moms hold every day


Stay-at-home moms might not work at an outside company but there are several job titles that they hold at home. I'm a stay-at-home mom and each day I perform a variety of duties. Some duties are more exhausting than others, but the joys of motherhood are worth it.

Dietitian and chef

I'm the head cook of my family and because I need to ensure that my kids eat healthy meals, I'm also their home based dietitian. I feed my 10-month-old girl a variety of foods such as pureed fruits and vegetables, small pieces of salmon, soft chicken breasts, ground beef, tuna and turkey. Then there are her favorite sweets such as chocolate, apple pie pieces and soft cookies. Thankfully she is OK with drinking water.

Personal stylist

My 10-month-old is too young to care that much which outfits I have her wear but she tends to take her headbands and bows out her hair. I normally dress her in onesies but in recent months I switched her over to T-shirts and pants with shoes. Sometimes I put her in cute dresses and sandals when we go on road trips or visit relatives.


She is only 10 months old but daily I'm telling her things such as "Don't touch, hot!," "No" and "Don't put that in your mouth." As she gets older I will be teaching her the alphabet, numbers, how to identify colors and shapes, how to use the potty, how to talk on the phone and how to spell her name. For stay-at-home moms, teaching never stops.


In my home, cleaning never stops. When I'm not washing the dishes I'm washing loads of clothes. In addition to this I'm cleaning the carpet, sweeping and mopping my girl's messes and organizing things in the room we share together. When it's time to clean, the music comes on.

Party planner

My daughter will be 1 in July and her paternal grandfather recently called to ask me what we plan to do for the girl's birthday. I will be a newbie at party planning but with the help of my family and friends, her first birthday party should go smooth.


My little girl gets gentle discipline now but as she becomes more defiant and assertive, I will need to stop being a softie and apply firm yet loving discipline. Discipline is important because it provides safety for the kids and it shows that you care enough about their well being to set boundaries.


I can't tell you how many times I carried my girl in my arms while dancing off my Spotify playlist in our room. In fact, this is the main way I rock her to sleep at bedtime and it works. I also bounce her on my knees, play chase with her, take her in the yard so she can play with the flowers and rocks and toss her in the air safely for laughs.


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