How you can spot a serial dater and not settle for less


You want nothing less than a real commitment from the person you are interested in but lately it appears that the two of you are not on the same page. If he does not act like he wants a long-term relationship, he might be a serial dater who has no plans to settle down. Have the confidence and self-respect to move on and seek someone better if this is the case.

The sweet talker

Many serial daters have a variety of compliments and empty promises that they use on the different women they come across so more than likely they are not interested in a real relationship that requires honesty and emotional intimacy. Some of these compliments appear rehearsed and have no meaning behind them. Serial daters are very charming so you need to be careful with a sweet talker.

He will not get to know you on a personal level

Another sign you are with a serial dater is the fact that he is not interested in getting to know you on a personal level. He will hang out or engage in sexual activity but that is how far it goes. He never asks about your goals and interests and he could care less about your background. This is someone you should avoid so you will not be disappointed.

Does not want to meet your family and friends

Those who want a long term relationship will want to meet those who you value the most. A serial dater will not have much interest in this because he only wants someone to be with him for casual purposes. Or he might like your family and friends but still not be ready to fully commit to you.


Some serial daters are workaholics and this could be because they are materialistic. On the other hand, some serial daters are not workaholics but they see their dates as a way to obtain material goods for themselves. If you are a person of means, avoid these kinds of serial daters.

They always look sharp

This serial dater often has a neat hairstyle and is concerned about grooming. He does this to attract plenty of women and enjoy himself without any strings attached.

Does not call or visit at decent hours

If the person you are interested in mainly visits or calls you late at night, this might mean he is a serial dater. Many serial daters date multiple persons during the same day or week and he might prefer late night sessions with you since he was busy with other women during the day.

He is emotionally immature

Some serial daters are emotionally immature. They may have grown up without a lot of affection so they seek it in meaningless relationships. The serial dater might also be afraid of commitment so this is something else to keep in mind.

Serial daters cannot give you the undivided attention or respect you deserve. Look for someone who has the same values as you and never settle for the first person that comes along.


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