How to manage your curly hair and style it well


You love your curly hair and you have no desire to straighten it. But sometimes it gets challenging to style this kind of hair and you are looking for practical ways to manage it without causing damage. Curly hair needs moisturizing so when you wash your hair, you should use a leave-in conditioner because it locks in the moisture in your hair. Anti-frizz serums are also great for curly hair.

Avoid excess brushing of hair

It is important that you not go overboard when brushing curly hair because it leads to frizz in your hair and your curl will lose its shape. It is better if you use a wide-tooth comb when styling curly hair. To make the combing process easier, apply some hair oils, light grease or a hair cream to your hair but do not put too much in as this weighs the hair down.

Get hairstyles that are suited for curly hair

You want to get a hairstyle that you can manage without much difficulty if you have curly hair. For those with short or medium length curly hair, a curly bob would look great on you. Tight curl hairstyles such as twists or a straw set are low-maintenance styles for women of color with curly hair.

Stock up on headbands

There are times when you cannot spend an hour in the bathroom on styling your hair and in these cases you can wear a headband over those beautiful curls. Buy headbands in colors that complement the outfits. Bandanas can also be worn as headbands. Headbands are especially great for bad hair days.

Air dry then blow dry on lowest setting

Your curly hair will lose moisture if you set the blow dryer on high and dry your hair. The best choice would be to put serum and leave-in conditioner in while the hair is wet and let it air dry for a few hours. Then blow dry your hair on a low setting.

Massage the scalp often

Those with curly and coarse hair need to massage their scalp with oils often because this keeps the scalp healthy and reduces breakage in your hair. You can massage your scalp with essential oils, light hair grease or moisturizing hair lotion.

Stay away from products with sulfates, silicone and parabens

Hair products that contain sulfates, silicone and parabens are not good for curly hair because these products dry the hair out and cause frizziness. Look for products for curly hair that contain natural ingredients and essential oils.

Have a tangle-free night

Those with curly hair understand the challenge of keeping their hair tangle-free at night. You want to put your hair in a ponytail then wrap a scarf around it until the next morning. This keeps your hair from looking wild and your hair will be easier to style.

Ccurly hair does not have to be a hassle to deal with. With the above=mentioned strategies, you can have confidence in the way your hair looks and feel fabulous.


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