How to eat healthy while on your vacation


Sticking to your diet while on vacation can be a big challenge. However, it is very much possible to fully enjoy your time away from home without completely killing your healthy eating habits. Whether you plan to spend all of your time sunbathing in Maui or sightseeing in Paris, following these tips will keep you feeling just as great when you get back from your trip as you did when you left:


Breakfast is the meal that sets up your eating habits for the rest of the day. It is also widely known that breakfast has a large effect on the rate of your metabolism. That being said, if you are one who likes to eat-in for this meal, it is best to stock your hotel room with your usual items, i.e., healthy cereal, granola bars, oatmeal, so as to not break pattern in your diet. If you prefer to go out for breakfast, try to keep your order simple. Reduce carbohydrates and boost proteins by having a simple dish such as eggs and fruit. The key is to create a meal that boosts your metabolism and avoids extra sugar.


In general, the best restaurants for health-conscious individuals are those that use locally grown ingredients. Food that spends less time being transported from the farm to the restaurant has a better chance of maintaining its nutrients. Use this as criteria for your lunch destination. But with that, also look for dishes that do not use heavy sauces or dressings, so as to easily cut calories.


For most people on vacation, dinner becomes the primary meal of the day. A good trick to cut calories and reduce fats while out for dinner is to customize your order. Substituting sides is key! Asking for two sides of veggies is one great example of how you can use substitution to create a low-fat meal. Another good tip is to ask the server how your food is being prepared. Even though a dish may be considered low-cholesterol on the menu, the cooks might still use high-calorie cooking oil. Asking about this gives you the opportunity to choose how your food is made and ensure that you are meeting your nutritional needs.


For most of us delicious, usually alcoholic, drinks are a big factor in the "relaxation" element of a vacation. For those who are under 21, sticking with simple beverages like water or unsweetened iced tea is the best bet when trying to keep your calorie count low. However, the principle of keeping your drink simple still applies when talking about alcoholic beverages. For those who are 21 and over, some really good options are Mojitos and Rum & Coke. You can cut calories in your Mojito by asking for it to be made without syrup. Similarly, you can tailor your Rum & Coke by using Diet Coke in the ingredients. Basically, you can alter the calorie content of any cocktail that uses soda in its ingredients by using a diet, or no-calorie, substitute as a mixer. Most important, these drinks are both healthy and delicious!


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