How to create a credible brand


When it comes to business, nothing is promised or guaranteed for life. But every person has the power to stand apart by building a solid reputation and gaining respect from others. The great thing about building a brand is that there is a method for every personality type and these methods can be combined to gain a strong footing in a particular industry.

Taking time to discover hidden talents

One thing that people should realize is what brand their image should represent. Your presentation is more than saying that you are great or superior but should demonstrate what qualities you bring to the table. For instance, are you a natural reader who likes to collect facts about ideas, people or products? Have you found ways to increase productivity on your job? Are you a vocal person who likes to discuss worthy causes or fix issues relevant to your industry? If so, you've got a brand worth promoting.

Saying it without fluff

So it's not about being a major media presence or overloading on industry jargon in their communication, either. Anyone who has knowledge or a passion in regard to an industry, product or trade can be considered an expert of sorts. For instance, people who live a vegan lifestyle may have a list of resources of places, or bookmarked list of links, that are part of that same niche.

Using different ways to build credibility

  • Joining an industry or trade organization on a voluntary basis is a good thing, as it can provide leads on new trends and changes that can affect a person's career. However, a member that volunteers at events, contributes to the newsletter or website, or is promoting the cause as a way to recruit new members, will gain respect by others.
  • Creating a niche blog, social media page, or website that relates directly to industry. While this takes more work than creating articles for an established medium, there are many benefits. For one, you have control of over content and promotion. You also have the power to make your web presence stand apart from similar-themed websites. For instance, if your site deals with the service industry, a forum that lets workers share their stories is a good way to get engagement going. Or you can upload pictures or videos that visitors will find relatable.
  • Attending local and industry networking events. These aren't restricted to business owners or executives but even local meetings, like with a Chamber of Commerce can place you in the presence of influential people. If going to live events is difficult, virtual networking can be just as effective. The advantages to meeting people virtually is that it allows the opportunity to meet others outside a geographic area.

Staying on top of contacts

Once contact information has been exchanged, it helps to follow up with a short note and maybe mention getting together for lunch. If you're building a contact base, ask first if you can add them before sending promotional materials. Since reputation is key, always keep things friendly yet direct and be cautious about spilling confidential information. Discretion and honesty are the best ways to gain others' respect.

Protecting what you represent

A solid reputation cannot be bought, so details are important. Always keep web presence updated, test external links, and try to resolve negative feedback privately. If possible, dedicate one day to managing brand by locating new resources and contact leads.


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