Hidden complications of relocating your business


Businesses relocate for a variety of reasons; whether you're growing or downsizing, there are definitely some changes going on. The move is likely to give you what you need: a better location, a bigger or smaller space and several other benefits. However, there are also some potential roadblocks that you must be aware of when you choose to relocate your business. When you carefully plan the move, you will be able to navigate these challenges with ease.


In most cases, relocating your business will result in some downtime for your business. Whether you are the one moving yourself or you have hired someone to move you, there is a period of time when the business equipment and/or products are packed up and set up in the new location. During the move, any employees you have may find that they have difficulty completing their normal tasks. Even after getting into your new location, there's additional downtime as you are getting set up. This could potentially result in loss of sales and the inability to give your customers what they need.


Of course you already know that a move will cost you money – especially if you hire someone to do it for you. The moving company will offer a rough estimate of what it should cost to relocate, but many times, the actual out-of-pocket costs are much higher. If you move yourself, you must be responsible for all of your equipment. If you break something, you will be responsible for replacing it yourself. If you're moving because of growth, you will likely have a larger space, which results in a higher lease. Many times, the cost of moving can get quite high.

Customer access

You know that you cannot give your customers what they need when you are down. Additionally, your customers may have difficulty reaching you, especially if your new location is a good distance from your old one. Depending on the industry and other similar businesses in the area, your customers may look for a new company to receive the products and/or services you offer. This happens most often in larger cities when you relocate from one side of town to the other.

Communicate your move

When you relocate your business, you will need to let your customers as well as the community know about the move. Make sure your customers are aware that there will be some downtime in which the products and/or services will be unavailable. Be sure to include where your new location is as well as the expected opening date. When you don't let anyone know about it, you face the potential for customers, suppliers and others showing up at your old location and seeing that it is abandoned.

Relocating your business can be stressful – but only if you let it. After all, if you are moving, chances are that it will be a good thing. If you will just make sure to consider the downtime it will involve, the cost involved with moving, how customers will access your products/services when you are down, and how you will let them know you have moved – you will be home free.


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