Helpful apps to build your child’s education


Due to the advancement in technology, it is harder to keep children away from it. So how do you handle it? The solution: download some educational apps. With all of those apps out there, there is one that is bound to be suitable for your child. Here are a few that provide education and entertainment in one, but there are so many more. Each app listed below is free and requires a short amount of time in order to set them up properly.

ABC Mouse is a good app for younger children. The app is meant for children ages 2-7 and is most effective for preschool learning through first grade. It has over 5,000 interactive activities and covers a variety of subjects. There are activities for reading, math and many more. It is designed to motivate and reward for completing activities. Not sure if it is actually working? There is actually a progress tracker that checks on how well your child is doing. Your child will learn a lot and be entertained at the same time.


PBS Kids Video is a video streaming app for, you guessed it, PBS Kids. Your child is in control of what to watch, but unlike other video streaming apps, this one is completely safe. Your child can watch many shows that are on PBS and can watch videos whenever and wherever. The unique thing about the app is that you can see the educational goals that each show is trying to provide for your child. If you want your child to learn certain skills, you can try to show them a video that tries to embody those skills.


ClassDojo is an app that is meant to build communication between parents and teachers. It is a safe and easy method to understand how your child is doing in class. Similar to ABC Mouse, there is a section to gauge the progress for both parents and students, which is easily updated by the teacher. Unlike other apps for children, this app has a section to message the teacher. If you’re worried about how your child is doing in school, this app is perfect for you. Send a message to your child’s teacher and wait for a reply. Likewise, if your child is having a problem in class, the teacher can message you as well. Communication is the key to success.


Quizlet is a flashcard-based app to learn vocabulary. It is actually used by students within all age groups, including university students. However, it is extremely simple. You can create a vocabulary list for your child to learn and it will teach them different skills. It will prompt your child to learn how to read, spell and pronounce the chosen vocabulary word. There is an audio function built into each card that you create. This app is pure gold for increasing your child’s vocabulary.
These are just a few apps that can help your child start on their learning journey. There are so many more though. If your child has a favorite show that they like to watch, there is most likely an app for it. Each app that was listed was free, but there are also some that can be bought. However, these free apps are all high-quality apps meant to better your child.


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