Go boutique and help your community! Find out how!


When you go shopping, what type of store do you prefer? Do you like going to a large retail chain, or heading over to your local boutique store? Interestingly enough, what you prefer says a lot about you. People that typically shop at boutiques are seen to be people that support the community. Why is this? Because these individuals are willing to spend their money at their local "mom and pop" store rather than a chain store, and this means that they are pumping money into the economy of the community.

In comparison, at a large retail chain, when you shop and spend money you are sending money out of your community. Now that you know the difference, which one would you prefer? And would you prefer to be seen as a person that spends money in the community and supports locals, or sends money out of the community?

Boutiques and your community

Boutiques tend to be locally owned stores, and the individuals running them are usually locals of the community. Often, boutiques are involved in supporting the community themselves, as they do things like sponsoring churches and children's sports teams. Because they depend so much on locals to shop in their stores, they procure a positive local image. In comparison, this is typically not the case with your chain store retailer. Large retail stores are much more distanced personally from the community and only exist locally to make money in that area. So, the point is to consider, and ask yourself which one of these types of businesses would you rather help: the small boutique that sponsors the local girls' soccer team, or the big retail chain store that moved into town simply to make money?

Another benefit you get from shopping at your local boutique store is the atmosphere and the unique products offered. Boutiques are typically stores with a lot of personality that offer styles and services you would not find anywhere else. It's always nice to be the first one wearing some new fashion trend, and you are much more likely to find this at a boutique store than you are at a retail clothing store. It is much nicer to walk into a store with ambiance and a different perspective than it is to walk into a store that looks the same as twenty other stores. Boutiques offer a very rare, one-of-a-kind type of shopping experience to customers. So, as the customer, you are getting something out of the visit, too: a unique variety of choices as well as the ability to enjoy a fantastic atmosphere while shopping.

In part, it is not only the atmosphere that makes a boutique unique, but it is also the fact that most boutique owners are actively involved in their communities. Those that shop at boutiques ultimately support not only the boutique stores but also the economy of their local community. Why not shop at a boutique, and support a store that supports your local community in return?


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