Finding high-quality home health care services


Say your loved one recently experienced a stroke and is no longer able to do things for himself. You cannot be in his home around the clock but you want to give him the care he needs. You can do this by hiring a home health aide to assist with tasks such as bathing, cooking, cleaning and getting dressed. Here are tips on finding the best home health care services:

Consider the agency's credentials

You should find out if the agency is certified by Medicare and if it meets the right standards as specified by federal guidelines. Ask the agency's director about how the staff is screened before hiring and you should also seek out references from current and former clients of this agency. Learn about the kind of training the staff receives, and have the potential caregiver visit your loved one's home so you can interview the caregiver and see how she interacts with your loved one.

Understanding your loved one's medical needs

Another important part of finding a good home health care service is the the agency's ability to develop a long-term treatment plan based on your loved one's needs. Once you give the agency's director a detailed account of your loved one's needs, have him create a treatment plan as a way of finding out if the two of you are on the same page. If your loved one will need transportation every few weeks to doctor's visits, ask if this will be provided by the agency.

How you will be charged for the services

This is something that you need to consider when finding home health care services. Find out if the agency you are interested in accepts Medicare or a certain insurance provider that your loved one has. You should also inquire about the specific services that are included in the overall costs of services. Keep in mind that if your loved one receives Medicare, it will only assist with payment of long term care if his doctors determines that he needs a care plan that includes physical therapy, speech therapy or occupational therapy. Your loved one must also be unable to leave his house due to his illness.

Contact friends and family

Another way to locate the best home health care service is to contact friends and relatives who are using this service. Get recommendations from them and research these agencies to determine which one is the best for your loved one's needs.

Comfort level between caregiver and loved one

When choosing a home health agency, you want to choose an aide who your loved one feels comfortable with. If your loved one has a reserved personality and likes to be organized, the caregiver should be able to adapt to this. Or if your loved one wants as much independence as possible, the caregiver should allow for this while still tending to the patient's crucial needs. When you find the right home care services, your loved one will thrive.


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