Exercise: Learn how it can save your life


A lot of people are not interested in using free-weights or machine-weights because they think will develop huge, bulging muscles by using them; this is not true.

Free-weights and machine-weights can be used for many different physical goals. Some people use them for building muscles, some people use them for circuit training. Circuit training is toning muscle and burning fat. It depends on your goal.

There are two types of people in exercising, those who want to build muscles and those who want to maintain a lean, healthy body. You are either one or the other. There are many benefits to exercise with free-weights or machine-weights. For example, these exercises can prevent osteoporosis, especially in women, by building up bone mass. Also these exercises reduce the risk of cancer by cleaning up the lymphatic system. Every time the muscle is contracted with some type of resistance, you are cleaning up your lymphatic system from toxins. You are also strengthening your immune system.

When cardiovascular training is added along with proper diet, you are strengthening your heart and lungs, and keeping the blood pressure level healthy and normal. Arteries begin to be unplugged, resulting to reduce the chances of heart attack or stroke. Then you will have more energy and feeling healthier and happier.

Exercise is also beneficial emotionally. You will find more energy and less stress after burning calories. Exercise makes families healthier and closer to each other. Exercise is important for everyone, and it does not take a lot of time if done properly. In a 24 hour day, it takes only 30 minutes to exercise that can improve your health greatly and even save your life. You only need two to three days a week, 30 minutes each time to exercise. That is it, total of one to one and half hour per week, to look and feel better.

Inspire and encourage yourself, that this is your life and you are worth saving. Wake up each morning with a positive attitude. Say I can do all things through Christ that gives me strengthen. That is my favorite verse from the Bible. I have found that it has help me get through my day along with exercising.

Tip of the Week: If you can not leave you desk for lunch, there are many choices you might make to have a healthy meal. Good choices like grilled chicken sandwich, salad, salad with low-fat dressing, skim milk, or frozen yogurt. There are also variety of healthy choices with vending machines, such as pretzels, fruit and yogurt. However, it is the best to pack your lunch the night before to know exactly about the nutritional facts of your lunch.

Nutritional Tip: Coffee does not have a significant role for making high blood pressure if not taken more than 1-2 cups per day based on a research by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Finally, Make sure you hydrating your body enough by taking a bottle of water with you while in the sun.

Have a great workout!


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