Don't go broke while preparing for a baby


You're pregnant and excited about starting a family with your partner. But you know how expensive parenting can get and you want to be as frugal as possible while preparing for the new arrival. There are ways you can save money on baby expenses and here are a few tips for you.

Ditch those expensive toys

When my daughter was born, I purchased all kinds of cute toys but guess what? She is not
really into toys at all. She prefers to hang outside and play with the flowers, fumble with my phone, play with my bottles of nail polish and walk from room to room babbling and smiling. She also loves playing chase. If you want to be frugal in your preparations, keep toys to a minimum.

Buy diapers, wipes and formula in bulk before baby is born

To make sure you're not buying diapers, wipes and formula every other week, you can stock up on these necessities before the baby is born. Look around for sales on your favorite brands and buy in bulk. This not only saves you money but it also saves you time. You can stick to newborn sized diapers since your baby might not need size one until he is one to two months old. It is also a good idea to stock up on baby bottles.

Hit the thrift stores and eBay for used baby clothing

For the first few months of the baby's life, he will not care if you dress him in brand name outfits. You can save money by heading to the local thrift stores to buy nice but inexpensive clothing. Stick to the basics like onesies, socks, hats and small sized shirts and comfortable pants for the baby. If you want to get some special occasion outfits, check out eBay. This site has plenty of baby outfits from your favorite brands at good prices.

Accept gifts from loved ones

During your pregnancy, you will receive all kinds of items for the baby. This saves you money and some of those items are probably helpful. For example, if your older sister brings you an infant carrier, this is a neat gift because it helps you get things done around the house or makes errands easier for you. Or if your mom gives you a baby manicure set, this keeps him from scratching himself constantly.

Use coupons frequently

You can also use coupons when buying the things you need for the baby. Subscribe to coupon services and you can have all kinds of coupons mailed to your home. Be sure to look at the expiration dates when looking at the coupons. Also don't just buy items because you have coupons for them. Make sure you buy only what you will use.

Start a savings fund specifically for baby expenses

As soon as you find out you're pregnant, it is a good idea to set up a savings account specifically for baby expenses. Add to it in the months leading to the birth of the baby and have other relatives contribute to the account. This gets you off to a great start financially.


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