How to decaffeinate your morning routine


Most of us have been there. You wake up and have no energy. Caffeinated drinks are the number one go-to drink for a lot of people during their morning routine, mainly because they work, really well and really fast.

However, there are some people for which caffeine is not an option, whether the reason is medical or a personal choice. For those, and for people who may want to try something a little different in their morning schedule, here are a few things that you can try without even needing to leave the house.

Hydrate yourself

Water: Our first option, and probably the most important, is water. When some people wake up, they may feel parched or even lethargic. This may be a sign of dehydration, making water your number one choice to help get things flowing. Circulation is key to waking up the body in the morning or any time of the day. Drinking an 8oz glass of water first thing in the morning is a great way to get started.

Peppermint tea: Tea is also an option. Peppermint tea in particular can be a helpful addition to your morning. It can be soothing as well as relaxing. If you find that you feel stressed, anxious, or restless in the morning, try a cup. It may be that peppermint tea will help to calm those nerves before you start your day. Due to its refreshing nature, peppermint has also been known to provide some relief from mental exhaustion. It stimulates mental activity and can help clear the mind, thus helping to get rid of morning grogginess.

Get moving

Cardio: Now that you are properly hydrated, it’s time to really get moving. Cardio is a great way tp get your heart pumping and blood flowing, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood and moving it throughout your whole body. There are lots of cardio workouts that you can find online that require little space, so you won’t have to interact with the outside world until you are fully awake, energized, and ready to put your best self out there! That’s right, no gym required!

Yoga/Pilates: Stretching is also a great way to improve the circulation in the morning, especially if you don’t think you have the energy or fitness level for a cardio workout. Yoga and pilates are two options, although there may be more. Yoga and pilates can help to reduce stress, as well as toning the muscles and adding flexibility. They are both a good choice for almost anybody of any fitness level because they are easy to modify.

Take a cold shower

If the previous options haven’t worked, then a cold shower is sure to do the trick. The entire shower doesn’t have to be cold, a quick 20 seconds of cold at the end of your shower should suffice. This can also help to increase circulation and oxygen in the bloodstream, leaving you more alert. If you find the idea of a cold shower too extreme, don’t be discouraged; you can start by simply using cool water. You may find your tolerance for the cold temperature will increase the more often you do it.

Eat a good breakfast

One of the reasons we feel tired and low on energy during the day is due to an inadequate diet. Remember, food is fuel. If you want to have energy, you have to eat food with enough healthy fat, protein and nutrients to sustain whatever it is you plan to do that day. Plan your breakfast ahead of time. If you have an especially active day ahead, make sure to adjust your caloric intake accordingly. If you need assistance in finding out how many calories you need, there are daily caloric intake calculators that you can find online.

Once you have finished, take a step outside. If you have good clean air, take a few deep and slow breaths, step forward and enjoy your day! Just imagine, a new life without caffeine really is possible.


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