Connect with your teen using these neat tips


While it's true that your teen is mostly into hanging out with his friends and other relatives, it doesn't mean that he does not enjoy time with you anymore. The key is to consider your teen's interests and use them to create lifetime memories together. You can start by having a conversation about your desire to bond more with him and then ask for his suggestions regarding activities.

Do workouts together

If you know that your teen does her exercises every day at a certain time after school, you can use this time to do exercises with her. Don't try to get her to do the exercises that you want, but you can talk about which workouts you find the most helpful if your teen asks about them. While working out you can talk about the events of the day, and this relieves stress for both of you.

Do chores collectively

Another way to get closer to your teen is to do chores together. For example, if your teen normally washes the dishes and mops the floor, offer to do other chores in the kitchen while he does his usual tasks. Use this time to talk to him about how he's feeling or to pass on some advice if he asks your opinion about certain issues.

Attend functions that your teen is a part of

One of the best ways to connect with your teen is to attend events that she is a part of. If your teen will appear at a piano recital soon, go shopping with her and help her find a nice dress to wear at the event. Tell her how proud you are of the fact that she is using her talents in a positive way, and give her hugs and kisses after the recital. This lets your teen know that you support her goals.

Accept your child's personality

Another thing you should do is accept your teen's personality, as this will make things easier when connecting with him. If your teen is an introvert who prefers quiet activities, give him the space he needs but when he wants to hang out in the park on a bike ride with you, accept the opportunity. Or if your teen does not like big birthday parties, you can plan a small gathering in the basement with his closest friends.

Learn new skills from your teen

Sometimes the best way to connect with your teen is by letting him teach you things. If your teen is into computer programming and you're interested in starting a blog to earn money from, your teen can take you through the process. Or your teen might love baking desserts but you're not good at it. On the weekend your teen can give you baking lessons.

Your teen is going through a sometimes difficult phase in his life but by connecting with him and showing unconditional love, things will improve for the two of you. You want to maintain a positive attitude and be an active listener.


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