Careers that offer the best salaries


Your chosen career should not only offer personal satisfaction but also a decent salary so that you can support yourself and future family financially. You can read the latest edition of the Occupational Outlook Handbook to research different industries and get an idea of which salaries are the best. On the other hand, don't just enter a certain field because of salary alone. This is not a good idea if you are not capable or willing to perform the duties needed for that job. Here are some careers with the best salaries:


The orthodontist's duties include examining and treating dental problems, creating small equipment that will fit in a patient's mouth as part of his treatment and counsel the patients on proper oral care. The average salary for orthodontists is $196,000 and in order to enter this field you will need a four-year degree followed by two to three years of residency at a hospital or clinic.

Computer hardware engineers

A computer hardware engineer designs and researches computer hardware programs for commercial and industrial companies as well as government agencies. A degree in computer science or informational technology is required for this kind of work and there is the option of starting your own business in this industry. But if you work for an established firm, your average salary would be $106,000.

Sports psychologists

Sports psychologists earn $55,000 annually and they will need a bachelor's degree and master's degree in sports psychology or counseling psychology. Sports psychologists have the duty of counseling athletes who might be dealing with emotional problems that are related to their sports careers.

Registered nurse

Registered nurses are responsible for giving physical exams to patients, administering medications, counseling patients on upcoming procedures and disease prevention, and assist medical specialists. Registered nurses can earn up to $67,000 annually and you can enter this field with an associates degree in nursing or a four-year nursing degree.


Electricians enter this field primarily after receiving a vocational certificate and completing an apprenticeship. In most states electricians must be licensed and the average salary is $51,000 or more depending on your employer. If you choose this field you can also go into business for yourself.

Police officers

To become an officer you will need a high school diploma and an increasing number of districts are looking for applicants with degrees in criminal justice or related field. You would receive training at the police academy and the training involves physical preparation and classroom instruction. Then you would take written, physical and psychological tests before getting hired. Police officers could earn up to $58,000 annually.

Human resources managers

The primary duties of a human resources manager is to manage employees and handle issues surrounding payroll, disciplinary actions brought against certain employees, cases where employment discrimination might be present, hiring and training of employees, and at times the termination of employees. Annually human resources managers earn $99,000.

Marketing managers

Marketing managers are responsible for overseeing a company's marketing department. Depending on their levels of experience, education levels and size of company, marketing managers can earn $112,000 per year.


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