Bow Wow: Heir to the late night throne?


Shad Moss, better recognized by his stage name Bow Wow, has taken to social media to unveil his plans on becoming the new king of late night television. The CSI Cyber star and rapper formerly known as Lil’ Bow Wow, boasts that he will have the best show runners and producers in the industry, as well as star power, saying he would like Kobe Bryant to be his first guest.

The 28-year-old Columbus, Ohio, native has had a long career in front of the camera as well as behind the mike, but this new venture is different from anything he has done before. Is he the new heir to the late night throne? Here we will see why he could be destined for success.

The makings of a new king

Moss, who has apparently been secretly working on this project for some time now, feels that this show will be is his way of “giving back to the game that made him.” The host of the first ever Golden Globe Red Carpet event is uniquely qualified for this position. Having been a multi-platinum recording artist himself before tackling acting and hosting, he has seen the entertainment industry from all different angles. The combination of experiences could be the equation for a new king.

His target audience which he describes in his Instagram post as, college kids and high school students, could prove to be his secret weapon. Nick Cannon’s Wild N Out, an improv comedy show, drenched in hip-hop culture, broke records with its season 7 premiere on MTV2. One could safely assume their fans would be identical. With its “guest of the day” set-up, and if the entertainment value is there, this late night idea could be a winner.

Moss has one more thing working in his favor: Artists would want to go on the show. More so than Wild n Out, Moss’s dream child would provide artists with a platform to promote their work as well as allow them to voice their side of the story to their fans. The most intriguing aspect of the project, however, is Moss’s claim of full creative control. In the end, the question will be can Moss create a platform that entices a young generation of hip-hop fans to tune in on a consistent basis, while also having an atmosphere conducive for the artists’ exposure.

An emerging trend

If Moss is successful, the complexion of late night TV could be forever altered as a new trend begins to expose itself on the small screen. Similar to the reality show craze that swept the nation, a new desire has captivated audiences — a desire for all things hip-hop. Hip-hop is a growing trend; the youth of the nation are drawn to the stars and Moss guarantees to provide them. With his promise of music, diversity and quality, hip-hop fans should be enthusiastic about the production.

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