Black bras and garter belts


With red running a close second, no color is kinder to the human form than basic black. This applies to most clothing, but none more flattering than a matching classic bra and garter belt. Whether planning a special night or just treating yourself with a sexy pairing to your favorite dress, this timeless combination beats ruffles and bows on every level.

Budgeting for beauty

Whether your bank account calls for Frederick’s or Target, the best thing about this simple set is the fact that it is perhaps the most common in any lingerie department or boutique. You may not find polka dots, but black bras and garter belts are popular and plentiful. This means that you should feel free to shop around and not impulsively grab something outside of your budget for fear you won’t find another set. While price usually means quality, don’t forget to check those high-end stores for their clearance racks. Although certain intimates may not be something you would consider purchasing second-hand, there are very discriminating consignment shops that would put your worries to rest.

Every body needs a black bra

The next bit of good news is that everyone can find a fitting bra and even a forgiving, flexible garter belt. Of course, bras come in all shapes and sizes, but even garter belts, which have long been feared for their slinky lack of material, are actually the most versatile for that same reason. No matter your figure, with less fabric to wrestle with, your garter belt can rest where it’s comfortable and with adjustable straps, any leg will do.

New and improved

Although the garter belt has been around since the Wild West, its design has come a long way. There are now garter belts without straps to wear with elasticized pantyhose and garter belts and pantyhose that are all one piece and entirely nylon. Once again, the options are many. Black is black and your pieces don’t have to be on the same hanger to match. Whether you opt for lace and trim or breathable cotton, there’s bound to be something fitting for your occasion.

Dress for you

It bears repeating that lingerie, while certainly appreciated by most men, should be purchased and worn and appreciated for and by the person wearing it. Even as you stand in the dressing room, taking a little longer in front of the mirror when you know you’ve found exactly what you are looking for, no one else is there and you feel fantastic. That feeling will last whether it’s under your shortest dress or your softest robe.

Plenty can be said for racy red and elegant white negligées and flowing gowns, but a basic black bra and garter belt are the go-to pair for day or night, young or old. This is proven as trends and fashions come and go, but these designs and color never go out of style, transcending class and culture. In the fast-paced fashion industry, they are one of the very few things that never change.


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