Attempting to fight the Black Box monster in "Wild Arms 5" is pointless


The Black Box monster has been appearing in quite a few Wild Arms games predating back to "Wild Arms 4," and it was no more accessible then as it was when it made a reappearance in "Wild Arms 5" – it is near impossible to fight.

Fighting the Black Box monster in "Wild Arms 5" has a very steep requirement. A requirement that not every gamer finds worth meeting, it is without question that even trying to get an audience with the Black Box monster is complicated.

Three hundred sixty-one chests

There are 361 treasure chests in the game with the Black Box monster being number 362, the chests are scattered and hidden well in dungeon areas and the overworld. Finding all 361 chests is a time-consuming headache and requires a lot of backtracking.

Gamers might be inclined to think that being a perfectionist for the sole purpose of fighting the Black Box might be worth it to them because it complements their mettle as gamers, but it does not, and it is not worth the effort.


There are only so many treasure chests in each area, and if gamers scoured those areas looking for those chests, it only makes sense that they will find those chests. From personal experience, there seem to be one or two more chests that are invisible to the naked eye that the game does not want gamers to find.

Fighting the Black Box or even getting an audience with it for finding all of the in-game chests is an impossibility all on its own because the monster is always going to make gamers feel inadequate by saying how many treasure chests they are missing.

Post-battle item unnecessary

The post battle item that gamers get after they destroy the Black Box automatically propels the level of any character in the game; it might seem worth it to do whatever is necessary to get this item even if it means backtracking.

However, the problem that this presents is that the item will be unnecessary because the gamers' characters will already be at 100 by the time they complete all four hidden dungeon areas in the game, hence making the post battle item unnecessary.

Also, gamers will have better luck getting their characters' levels to 100 in the Abyss dungeon area because the enemies there are worth a lot of experience points, thereby making the fight and the possibility of cheating the Black Box unnecessary as well.


Fighting and destroying the Black Box might seem as if it is a way to prove that the monster is like all the rest, but gamers should give up on trying to fight this legendary creature because it's not worth it.

If gamers are looking to play "Wild Arms 5" without any stress of whether they are keeping the Black Box monster happy, then they are better off ignoring it for good. The Black Box monster is just there to remind gamers that something that is harder to obtain than it should be and is better off avoided.


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