Advantages of living in the country


If you are getting tired of city life, you might be thinking about moving to a smaller town in the country. Rural areas don't always have the exciting venues and trendy neighborhoods found in urban areas, but they have a lot to offer in terms of a lower cost of living, a family friendly atmosphere and decent employment opportunities, depending on the area you relocate to. Here are some advantages of living in the country:

Great for nature lovers who want simplicity

In the country you're surrounded by lakes, rivers, tall trees, hills, mountains and hiking trails. This is excellent for city dwellers who are interested in moving to a town where they can enjoy the great outdoors every day. In the country you can hear birds throughout the day and life seems simpler. You can chat with your neighbors and loved ones regularly and not have to deal with the constant technological distractions that are a part of city life.

Children are free to play

In crowded cities it becomes a challenge to find a home with enough open space for the kids to play in. If you relocate to the country you won't find a shortage of homes with backyards that have enough open space for the kids to play and socialize in. The kids can have their pets in the yard and entertain themselves for hours.

Gardening is easier

We hear a lot about sustainable living these days, and what can be more sustainable than growing your own fruits and vegetables? While there are rooftop gardens in many of the major urban areas, in the country there is more raw land and space available to those who are interested in producing large-scale gardens for personal or commercial use.

Connectedness in the community

Another positive aspect of living in the country is the connectedness of the people in the community. Neighbors are more willing to help you if you need assistance; some of the ways they might help include giving you extra food during emergencies, babysitting your children, offering emotional support or helping you during domestic problems at home.

Not too many crime sprees

Living in the country does not totally shelter you from crime, but there is the advantage of low crime rates. This is especially appealing to city dwellers whose loved ones were taken or injured because of violent crimes in the bigger cities. This makes for a safer place to live.

Increased potential to become a homeowner

According to National Census Bureau Statistics, the rate of home ownership is higher for rural areas than for major urban areas. The statistics point specifically to states that have high numbers of rural areas such as Mississippi, West Virginia and Michigan. This is tied to the low cost of living in the country.

Country life might appear dull on the surface, but when you consider the above-mentioned benefits, living in a rural area may not be as bad as it seems.


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