Advantages of delaying parenthood


In decades past, couples married and started families at younger ages but it is not always the case today. One of the reasons why some people delay parenthood is because they want to be established in their careers and be financially stable before having children. Others delay parenthood because they want to enjoy their freedom and take on new adventures first. Here are some advantages of delayed parenthood:

Your parenting is purposeful

When you wait until you are older and mature enough to raise a child, your parenting is more purposeful. You are able to glean from your life experiences to grow as a parent and teach your child meaningful lessons that you might not have yet learned if you were a younger parent. It is also likely that many older parents do not see child-rearing as a mundane obligation. Rather, they are fully aware of their responsibilities and willingly embrace them.

Financial stability

As an older person you are probably entrenched in a career, and you might have money saved for retirement and emergencies. As a result it may not be a struggle to provide for your child's material needs. In addition, if you and your spouse work, this means more financial security for the child.

The child keeps you active and excited about life

Delayed parenthood also helps you with your physical health. This is because kids have plenty of energy, and if you are already in good shape due to years of healthy living, you will look forward to playing with the kids and hanging out with them. Older parents are also excited about life in general because of the joy kids bring to their lives. However, it should be noted that some older parents may not always have the constant energy levels needed to keep up with the kids.

You become more knowledgeable about dangers facing your child

Since you have done research on the different dangers your child faces, you do not have to worry excessively about how to protect your child from those dangers. According to research from the National Evaluation of Sure Start, children of older mothers experienced fewer unintentional injuries than those of younger mothers.

Longevity is possible when you delay parenthood

According to a study from the Boston University School of Medicine, women who wait until their 30s to have children might live longer than those who have children at younger ages. The reason behind this connection is that some gene variations that enable women to delay parenthood can also lead to a longer lifespan.

Your priorities are where they should be

In your younger years, you were probably focused mostly on making money, hanging out with friends, enjoying casual dating and having your own apartment. Now that you are older you might have a new set of priorities. You are more interested in entering a long-term commitment with someone, starting a family and preparing for retirement.

It is these advantages that make delayed parenthood a good choice to consider.


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