Advance your career while in an entry-level position


You just graduated from college and you now have an entry-level job with the company you always wanted to work for. You are OK with your duties and so far you get along with the co-workers. But you don't intend to stay in your entry-level position forever. You are interested in advancing within this company but within the same industry but you're also open to working for another company within the same industry. Here are some tips on advancing within your entry level job.

Be willing to go beyond regular duties

If you want to advance while at your entry-level job, then you will need to go beyond your regular duties. This makes you stand out at the company and it lets the boss know you are serious about advancing to greater positions within the company. If your job title is copy editor and you're interested in becoming a staff writer, offer to write some feature stories to gain writing experience. You can also brainstorm and present ideas for special issues to the editor-in-chief.

Talk with your boss

There is nothing wrong with talking with the boss if you are interested in one of several positions that recently opened within the company. After a staff meeting, approach your boss and request a meeting. During the meeting mention that you are interested in a certain position and that you are willing to get the additional training needed to do well in this position. Be prepared for some feedback from the boss and use this feedback to improve yourself so that you can qualify for the position.

Observe the company culture

This is another neat idea to advance while in an entry level position. Observe the qualities that your boss admires the most in employees during his conversations at staff meetings and when he rewards certain employees publicly for their work, get to know them and learn how you are expected to function as an employee within the company.

Attend company events

Networking is another part of career advancement and one of the best ways to do this is to attend company events. You get to meet co-workers who you've never seen before and who can serve as mentors to you as an entry level employee. Company events are also great for swapping new ideas and collaborating on projects that might help you improve your standing within the company.

Take advantage of on-site and online training from the company

Another way to move up from your entry level position is to enroll in training sessions that the company offers during the year. If you work as a photo editor and your company is offering courses on certain technologies that you can use to make the job easier, take them and learn what you can. Of the company offers weekend classes in strategies on closing sales as a Realtor, sacrifice your normal weekend activities to improve your career.

Entry-level careers can be the stepping stone you need to build long term success in your field.


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