11 ways to market a photography business


Owning a photography business can be very lucrative and exciting. Every business owner needs to have a strategy for marketing services and products. There are several methods that can be used to help promote while saving money such as:

1. Create a website: Building a website will help potential clients get an idea of image quality and pricing for services. Before building a site finding a targeted audience would be ideal to ensure the correct theme is selected. There are several types of photography such as wedding, events, head shot or baby. Knowing which direction to go will give an idea of the competition in the area and build a foundation for the site.

2. Create an online tutorial: YouTube is a great platform to record "how to" guides for interns or anyone interested in the Photography field. Increasing traffic and views will help generate revenue over time depending on the ratings.

3. Customized business cards: The quality of the images the business produces should be exemplified through not only a portfolio but business cards. Photographers usually use paper that's thick with proper photo sizes. This will help get the word out about products or services being offered.

4. Open house: Setting up an art gallery of images produced by the company can attract the public and provide an opportunity for creative minds to meet. During the event promotional materials such as calendars, pens or photos can be passed out or sold.

5. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and several other platforms have become the top ways to market business rapidly. The share button is a feature that can be used to promote products, discounts and services. Displaying work will give users a chance to provide feedback about the images and what may need to improve.

6. Join an online community: Online forum communities or groups allow interaction between professionals with similar goals or interests. Members post public questions that may be beneficial to the field or answer questions others may have been afraid to ask.

7. Generate a blog: Writing a blog will create loyal customers and viewers interested in new work. Images are excellent to capture the moment, but when adding words it provides definition to the observer. Blog sites such as Word Press attract viewers worldwide potentially leading to partnerships or business deals.

8. Promotional discounts: Gifts and promotional materials will encourage the customers to buy the service because of the free experience offered. Offering free trials is one way to display the talent of the business while earning new clients.

9. Charity event: Raising money by having free photoshoots is a way to interact with the community and bring awareness to a cause. There are people who need assistance, which is why the appreciation would be sincere and continuous.

10. Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Businesses often check out their competitors to match offers, improve or see who the most popular is in the industry. Google key words can be used to show commonly search information pertaining to a field. Using relevant key words will help the business become more visible and profitable.

11. Testimonials: Ensure clients that the business is legit and worth the money. Hearing good feedback from previous clients will become excited about future interaction with the business. The review does not have to be long, but clear and concise enough to describe the quality of the services rendered. Google review is an excellent tool that can be accessed from anywhere allowing users to rate entities with stars and comments.


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